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3 Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Planning your wedding reception doesn’t have to be as stressful as some people claim it is. Why should planning the most important day of your life make you frustrated, angry or upset? Your wedding reception should reflect you both as a couple, so why not make it fun, exciting and unique?

The more fun your ideas, the more enjoyable the planning will be. Creativity is the key, so it’s important to get your thinking hats on before making any decisions. To give you a little bit of inspiration, we’ve put together some of our favourite fun wedding reception ideas.

Close up DSLR pictures of bride and groom chair from back view. There's a note that show bride and groom chair on the paper tied by a purple ribbon. The table cloth has a floral pattern. The chair decorated by a flower. The background is a blurred showing the flower arrangements.

Design a Creative Guest Book

Having a guest book available at your wedding reception is a really good idea – it gives your friends and family the opportunity to write nice messages that you can keep forever.  However, we don’t think you should settle for the tried and tested standard book design – there are lots of creative alternatives available.

We love the idea of having a post box in which your guests can write their messages on a postcard and then post them into the box. We also love the idea of providing a Polaroid camera for guests, so that they can take instant photos to attach to the guest book alongside their messages. How about getting your guests to write their sweet messages onto pebbles? This is a cool idea that means you can keep them in your house as decorations.

Hire Giant Light up Letters

Nothing says ‘I Love You’ than giant light up letters that say exactly that. Not only do they make for a fantastic focal point in your chosen wedding reception, they also provide some really pretty backdrops for your wedding photos. The choices are endless – you can have any letters or numbers that you want. You can choose to spell out your names, endearment terms, the date of your wedding or the date of the day you met. Whatever you choose, you can make it really personal to you both as a couple.


A Cocktail Reception

A lot of people are now choosing to forgo the cocktail reception in favour of prosecco instead. Whilst we love the bubbles, we still think that you can’t beat a really well organised and thought out cocktail reception. Typically done as your guests arrive at the reception, it’s a fantastic way to get your guests ready for a long evening of fun!

We love the idea of giving your guests a list of all inclusive cocktails to choose from – we suggest having at least 5 options available. To stop it becoming too expensive, you can make it clear that the all inclusive option is just for the duration of the cocktail hour – they will have to pay for cocktails afterwards. How about having a signature cocktail for the wedding? A special one that has been designed by the happy couple!

You should have non-alcoholic options available for those who don’t drink!

Cold fresh lemonade drink close up, selective focus

Looking for light up letters for your wedding? Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Light up Love. We can help make your wedding reception a magical and unforgettable event!

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