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4 Tips for a Back Garden Wedding

The back garden wedding can be a simple but stunning event. And if you’re planning a wedding with close family and friends, transforming your house and back garden into an outdoor venue can make the whole day that extra bit special. If correctly decorated it can look spectacular, but you need to take a few things into consideration before contemplating your outdoor event.

Wedding couple of bride and groom sitting on the meadow with bridal bouquet behind them, candid shot

Use your garden features 

If you take pride in your garden, then chances are you’ll have plenty of garden features to take advantage of. If you have a pond then you could decorate the edge with elegant lanterns, and if you have trees clustered or dotted around the garden, then weaving fairy lights through the branches can look beautiful, especially at the ‘magic hour’ just before sundown.

The right time of year

Should you choose to have an outdoor wedding, then make sure you choose a date that benefits from warmer weather. Having your wedding in summer means not drowning in your wedding dress when it rains (never a good look), and will make for a more enjoyable evening as it cuts costs on heaters and your guests can take advantage of lighter, warmer evenings and dress accordingly (and stunningly).

Bride with four happy bridesmaids toasting at the wedding reception outside

Provide sufficient shelter

Even though guests can go inside your home if it starts to rain, it will take away the aesthetic of your magical night by congregating in the kitchen. Tents and gazebos are often used for weddings as they create a completely new venue for you to style and decorate as you please! You can even hire a dance floor and stage to go inside, so that you can have different areas for your guests and your DJ can have somewhere to shelter their equipment.

Garden games

It’s always fun to have games during a wedding, so if you decide to have a garden wedding then traditional garden games might be the way to go! Croquet, boules and hoops are just some games that you can have set up in your garden so that guests can have a bit of fun during your special – and memorable – night.

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Wherever you decide to have your wedding, make sure to make it a truly spectacular event by creating the right atmosphere. If you do decide to go Father of the Bride-style and have your wedding in your back garden, Light Up Love can provide you with unique light up letters to have in your event tent – you can even have them outdoors in your garden space! For more information, feel free to contact us at 07754 346 976, otherwise you can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


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