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A Special Message

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. That’s why saying it with big, luminescent letters is a better option and gets your message across in the best way possible. You want a special message such as a proposal to be as amazing and once in a lifetime as possible. Nothing could be grander than spelling the words out in bright letters!

marriage proposal

So, what is the best way to ask the most important question in the world without ever saying a word?


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A big question such as proposing takes a lot of preparation. You may have the simplest proposal in mind, but getting it exactly right and fighting your nerves as you do so can feel like a big task. Not to mention you have to choose a perfect ring. So, from the moment you decide to propose to the actual proposal could be a six-month period in itself. Rushing is never good, doubly so when it is such an important and life-changing decision. Plan well, think it through and benefit from a thoughtful proposal!

The Location

The Daymarker, Kingswear, Devon landscape.

How did they do it? Can I see the ring? Where was the proposal? These are all questions that you will be bombarded with post-proposal. An idyllic location can make for a great proposal story to throw out in the face of these questions. Not to mention, a beautiful location will undoubtedly woo your love even further into making that long-lasting leap into matrimony with you. It also doesn’t hurt that a great landscape will put even more beauty behind your illuminated words.

The Message

Man proposing ring woman, love, couple, date, wedding - concept

A proposal should never be tacky. Cliché can be good, people have been proposing for hundreds of years and a little overlap is bound to happen after all. Once you have the right location, ring and of course the right person everything should fall into place to make the right proposal for you. Of course, ‘will you marry me’ is the standard question that is asked world over. Something like, ‘u+me=yay’ probably won’t win you any points in the proposal game, however. Stick with the classic and you are sure to have a great proposal!

If you’d like to make it even more unique and special using beautiful light up elements such as letters or stars, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Light Up Love today. We’d be more than happy to help you create your perfect party aesthetic in any way possible.

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