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Beyond Love: Great Words For Your Wedding

Light up letters have become a ‘must have’ for those organising a number of different events but especially for couples who are planning a wedding. Giant letters spelling out words such as ‘love’ have become an important part of wedding décor, providing a magical and stunning focal point in the room.


We think they give any event a WOW factor and they look pretty amazing in photos don’t they?

Whilst we love the classic ‘love’ idea for weddings, there are lots of different words you can include to personalise your wedding venue so that it reflects you and your partner.

Looking for something a little different to personalise your wedding? Here are some of our extra special ideas!

The Date of Your Wedding

The date of your wedding is obviously important and special to you as a couple, so why not choose to use light up numbers to highlight the significant date? It will make an amazing backdrop for all of your special wedding photos and just think about it; your partner has no excuse for ever forgetting your anniversary.

Your Initials

If you want light up letters that are going to provide a focal point for the whole room, we suggest getting something simple but effective, such as your initials. Apart from being a fabulous backdrop for photos, they also add that extra personal touch that is perfect for your special day. We suggest putting them near the dance floor or at the entrance to your venue for maximum effect.



Light up letters that spell out ‘Mr & Mrs’ are perfect for positioning behind the top table at your wedding breakfast – directly behind you and your partner. The striking display of illuminated letters will provide a memorable backdrop for all your solo wedding photos, as well as being the perfect photo to use on your thank you cards. What’s a better way to further acknowledge the fact that you’re now officially married – exciting!

I Do

This idea is the meaning of simple but effective. “Just married” is a popular option with couples and whilst we think it’s also a lovely idea, there is something about just having ‘I do’ that brings a unique and personal touch. It’s the most important words of the day so why not make them the most important thing in the room? They may be little words but they are definitely not little in meaning.


We hope we’ve given you plenty of inspiration to look beyond ‘love’ when it comes to light up letters – there are so many options available!


Looking for light up letters for your big event or wedding? Contact us on 07754 346 976 for information on how we can help light up your event and make it a day to remember!

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