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Boo! – 5 Easy Steps for the Best Surprise Party

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A surprise party can be an exciting planning project. The secretiveness makes you feel like a spy, the hiding of the evidence as sly as a criminal mastermind and sneakier than a… sneak. The feeling of a plan coming together is often second to none. Not to mention the surprise and happiness that the party creates. That is the name of the game after all.

Sometimes things can go wrong, of course. So, to make sure that everything goes as smoothly – and secretly – as possible, there are a few simple steps that you can take.

Step One – Make Sure It’s Wanted

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Some people might not be as receptive to a surprise party as others. Shy and surprise are not a good mix. So, before you start planning your super awesome party don’t completely forget the person who it is for. Would they prefer a night in ordering pizza? Then maybe download a couple of movies instead.

Step Two – Send out the Secret Invites

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If you go ahead with a surprise party you are going to have to make sure some people turn up. Secret invitations are much easier via Facebook in the modern era; you can invite a multitude of people without the surprisee ever finding out! Be sure to invite people they actually like, though. A room full of people they dislike or don’t know will not be a surprise they enjoy, after all.

Step Three – Decorate

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Walking into a room full of people and otherwise empty can be a confusing experience. So, you better make sure that your venue looks like it is hosting a party and not just an ambush. Balloons, balloons and one or two more balloons seem to be the way to go when decorating for a party. A banner or two are also good party room attire. Of course, a big light up sign declaring their name will also leave them in no doubt about what the event is. It’s a great way to make someone feel that little bit more special on their big day.

Step Four – Hide the Evidence

Closed laptop with a crime evidence bag,memory usb stick,dvd and a 'crime scene' banner.

Being discovered before the surprise party takes place is never a good position to find yourself in. It ruins the object of having a surprise party in the first place. Having a location that is inaccessible to the object of your surprise, or a cunning disguise for party objects – such as hiding stuff in a box labelled ‘Christmas Decorations’ – may be the easiest way to keep the event on the down low. Or just hope if they do find out, they are good enough an actor for you to never realise!

Step Five – Surprise!

child's eyes widened and mouth opened in amazement. copy space for your text

Then all that is left is the surprise itself! A half-hearted attempt at the climax of all your efforts is not what you envision, so make sure all of the guests are on board before the big moment. Getting a few practice ‘surprises’ in first is ideal. Also, if your unsuspecting party star is likely to be scared by loud noise or a lot of people yelling at once? You may want to tone it down. You want them to be happy with the surprise, not petrified, after all!

To help make your surprise party that much more special hire light up letters to make a statement. It’s also a great way to make sure the recipient of the surprise, birthday girl/boy or not, is in no doubt about what the event is for.

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