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Decoration Tips for Your Do

When throwing a party or organising an event, it’s important to get the atmosphere just right. There are a number of ways you can do this by setting a theme or requesting that guests adhere to a certain dress code, but a lot lies within the decoration of you event. The way you decorate your venue can make all the difference, as it can really help to transform a room. If you want your event to be special then it only makes sense to decorate it accordingly.

impressive and beautiful wedding set up


Balloons can be a great addition to any party. People often associate them with children’s parties, but they can be made to look very classy if done in the right way. For example, having helium filled balloons filling the entire ceiling space looks incredibly impressive and if you colour code your balloons to co-ordinate with your event, then they could look stunning in your pictures. Of course, you can always give them away at the end of the night, because adults or not, everybody loves balloons.

Multi color pastel color party balloons isolated on white


Lighting your event correctly can completely change the atmosphere of your event. Instead of having blaring lights at an evening do, installing lights which provide a soft glow would be ideal. Lighting is also a good option for changing the aesthetic of your event; using delicate lighting such as a fairy light canopy or lanterns would make an event tent or venue look superb. You could even hire light up letters to be used as a statement piece at your party which would be perfect for souvenir photographs!

Table Centrepieces

Simple and tasteful displays could be used for your dining tables as they help to create a distinct look. They can be colour co-ordinated to the rest of your decor or can act as a contrasting statement piece. Any number of things can be used as centrepieces, but a few different ideas could be things like flowers, bowls of fairy lights, candles and any other type of creative display that you can think of!


Ceiling and Wall Drapery

Drapery helps to transform your room into an elegant venue. It is often used to decorate rooms according to a colour code, and can also be used to cover up the room’s current decor and furnishings which you might not favour for your event. Drapery can make your venue look like a completely different room, allowing you to decorate a blank canvas with your own ideas.

Tables with centerpieces at wedding reception

The right lighting can help to properly illuminate all the hard work you’ve put in your event, but the lighting itself can also make an attractive addition to the room, so to invest in some of our party props, get in touch at 07754 346 976.

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