How long do I get the letters for?

The hire period on the daily rate is from 8am on your hire date to 2am the next morning. So basically you have them for the day and night if required. However we know that sometime our customers want them the day before, subject to availability/location restrictions we do not have a problem with delivering them a day before your hire date.

How big are the letters?

The letters are all 1.6 metres/5.25 feet tall, except the ampersand, stars and hearts. Each letter is about 1.2 metres wide, however some are slightly larger eg. W and M.

Are they heavy?

Yes, however this is intentional. We want you and your guests to have a great day, so we have designed our letters with this in mind. Our letters are quite deep, making them difficult to push or fall over. 

What are they made out of?

Our letters are made from sustainably sourced MDF and 18mm plywood.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver anywhere in England, Wales and Scotland. Our costs are calculated on mileage. We try to offer very competitive rates to every county.

Is the delivery cost one way?

Our stated delivery costs include – delivery, set up, pack down and collection. For this fee we arrive at your venue, carry the equipment into the building, plug the lights in, show your designated contact how to use them and then when you event finishes we will collect them.

How long do they take to set up?

Not long, this all depends on how easy it is for us to access your venue.

How do I book?

Which payment methods do you accept?

BACS payment please, we don’t accept PayPal or Cash.

My venue needs to be clear the same night, is this a problem?

That’s not a problem, we prefer to collect the same night.

What time do you normally deliver the letters?

We can deliver the letters anytime between 6am – 2am (the following day)

Where should I put the letters?

We can offer advice and ideas, but you need to decide before your event date. Near the dance floor, cake, top table, entrance way, near the bar. They can pretty much be placed anywhere.

How much power do they use?

Each letter is different, our staff can assist you with any questions you might have regarding power.

What happens if I have a problem during my hire?

We offer telephone support so you can call us to discuss any issues.

Can I move the letters from my wedding breakfast room to my evening room?

Yes, but each letter should be moved by two people.

Can I change the colour of the light bulbs?

Yes, White, Blue, Green, Amber or Red LED bulbs are also available for an additional cost.

Can I hang the letters?

Letters must be left on the floor.