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How to Make Your Corporate Event More Engaging

Corporate events vary greatly, but the great ones are always memorable. They allow people to network and make important business contacts, and also help promote the company to a wider audience. Another great benefit of corporate events is that they can reinforce your brand values and messages, making them clearer to your clients, as well as improving your employees’ morale.

These events are good publicity, so it’s only natural businesses rely on them to build relationships and attract new clients. Of course, this means the pressure is on putting on the best corporate event possible, so that it stays in people’s minds for a long time – and for all the good reasons!

The Decorations

This is perhaps one of the first things you should consider when organising a corporate event, because it will determine how the room will look and, if you want to have a theme, it can even help you choose the entertainment. When decorating you might want to check out a few props, such as lighting and flowers, or even your company’s initials – you can also opt for unique decorative items that can get people talking.

Tip: If you’re planning an event for the summer you can use a beach theme and keep all the snacks in toy buckets and shovels, so that your guests will be entertained and amused, which helps the flow of the conversations.

The Food and Drinks

You should check beforehand to see if your guests have special dietary requirements, because they will certainly appreciate the effort. Once you’re sure of the food you want to present, it goes without saying that it should be of good quality and encourage people to mingle. The same applies to the drinks. Buffets are great choices compared with sit-down options, since they help this networking process by making people feel more at ease.

Tip: You can also have a station that lets your guests build their own sandwich or dessert, as an interactive option works well to break the ice.

The Entertainment

To fully engage people during the event, the entertainment not only needs to be spot-on and targeted at your audience, but also fun and unforgettable. Humour is always something that people appreciate, so you can definitely try that route and hire a comedian – you just need to make sure their routine is appropriate for your brand first. Magicians are also a favourite, especially because they tend to interact with the public and make them feel part of the show; game stations (like basketball hoops and whack-a-mole) can make for a fun and memorable event, especially if people can play together.

Tip: Talent shows are always engaging, so why not ask for volunteers amongst your employees to showcase their skills and abilities for the audience? You can get everyone talking about it, from their co-workers to your clients.


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