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Spotlight On: Autumn Weddings

It’s already mid-September and that only means on thing; autumn is just around the corner. Cosy jumpers, pumpkin spice lattes and colourful leaves – we absolutely love this time of year!

It’s also one of our favourite wedding seasons. A lot of people choose to get married in summer – with good reason – but there is something about autumn weddings that feel that little bit more romantic.

wedding couple standing in autumn park alley

Here are just a few of our favourite ideas for the perfect autumn wedding!

Let Nature Influence Your Colour Scheme

Take a look around outside during the height of autumn and you definitely won’t be able to escape the abundance of beautiful colours that surround you. We think that you should let these influence the colours you choose for your wedding! We love browns, beiges and oranges. This can inform your choices of flowers, décor and even bridesmaid outfits.

Choose Autumn Infused Dishes

We personally believe that wedding catering is truly at its best during the autumn season – there are lots of different delicious dishes to choose from, or draw inspiration from. For example, you could choose a hearty stew for your main course, followed by an apple and blackberry pie or crumble. The season can also influence your drink choices, with apple flavoured cider and warm drinks being a huge hit!

Home made apple pie with lattice top crust.
Think About Warm and Cosy Lighting Options

The days start to get dark during September and into autumn, which often means people prefer to be warm and cosy at home, rather than out and about. This is something that you can definitely take advantage of when it comes to your wedding lighting. For example, paper lanterns are the perfect (and most romantic) way to light up any outdoor space that you might be using. Fairy lights in orange and greens are also a fantastic idea – they look really good alongside the giant light up love letters!

Steal Some Time in the Evening for Photographs

Although you will have the bulk of your photographs taken during the day, when light is on your side, we suggest finding some time to slip away during the evening celebrations. Early evenings in autumn can be the setting for some beautiful and romantic pictures for the bride and groom. As the sun sets, you’ll be bathed in a golden light that is definitely exclusive to this time of year.

Whether close to finishing your own perfect autumn wedding or just starting out with the planning process, we can help you add that extra special touch.

Our light up letters are perfect for creating a magical atmosphere on your special day. Contact us today on 07754 346 976 to find out more about the service we have available.

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