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Why Your Event Needs Light Up Letters

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your name in lights, then now’s the time! If you’re planning an event, light up letters are the perfect way to make a big impact. From weddings to corporate events, we at Light Up Love have put together a list of five reasons to consider them for your celebration.


1. They’re Great for Photos

At a wedding, the couple’s initials in giant lights make for great photos. At a corporate event, photos of guests in front of your brand name in big lit up letters will get plenty of social shares. People like to photograph things that are a little different, and light up letters certainly fit the bill.

2. They Make Perfect Centrepieces

While flowers, candles and pebbles tend to be used as centrepieces, light up letters can really stand out. They’ll make it easy for guests to see where they’re sitting, and will add a beautiful glow to the room, setting the mood for the event.

3. They’re Ideal for Marking Spaces

Place your light up letters along one side of the space you’re planning on using as a dancefloor, or line the walkway through to your event space with letters that spell out something significant to the occasion. Light up letters can be used to guide people to where you want them to be.

4. They Create a Talking Point

If you’re hosting an event for guests who don’t know each other, you’ll want to get them talking. Light up letters can certainly do that! They’re an unusual decoration that aren’t seen at every event, so people will want to find out more!

5. Add Distinctive Lighting Options

In addition to all of the above, light up letters can help to set the mood! If you’re in a venue that needs you to provide lighting (or use harsh ceiling lighting, which isn’t ideal), then light up letters are the way forward. They’ll provide soft and gentle light, the power of which will depend on the number and size of the letters you go for, so you can make it as bright or as dark as you like!

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